Packing your hospital bag before delivery is an integral part of preparing for the arrival of your newborn baby. In this blog post, I’ll provide some tips and guidance on how to pack your hospital bag so that you can feel organized and prepared when the big day arrives.

The last thing you want is to scramble around at the last minute, trying to find the essentials you need. For this reason, start packing early! I’d recommend having your hospital bag ready sometime in the middle of your second trimester. This way, you’ll have the energy to pack everything you and your baby needs and still have the time to add anything you may be missing before your third trimester begins. 

If you still need a weekend bag, check this one out. I love how spacious and pretty this one is, along with a matching diaper bag!

  1. The first thing to make sure you pack is your wallet with your insurance card and ID. I love this phone case with a magnetic wallet. It’s so easy to carry and always accessible.
  2. Pack an extended phone charger. Before going into labor, I downloaded the app contractions timer to track my contractions, and it would let me know when it was time for me to go to the hospital. So, my phone was in my hand the entire time until I got a bed at the hospital when my husband plugged my phone into our extended charger, where I could easily access my phone.
  3. Before going into the hospital, it was nice to listen to meditating breathing exercises and soft music, which is why having AirPods comes in handy! I also used it to make phone calls and didn’t need to hold my phone or put the person on speaker since I was breastfeeding or having the baby most of the time.
  4. If you plan to breastfeed, then nipple butter or cream is a must. The reason for this is that when your baby is practicing to latch correctly, your nipples may sometime get cracks or even bleed if you’re not keeping them moisturized. Apply a little after each breastfeeding session. This way, it will be some time until the baby’s next feed, so the butter or cream will have time to moisturize until the next session. This one’s my current favorite!
  5. GOOD nursing bras were hard to find! The one I loved the most was this one. I purchased two of them, one in nude color and one in black. I washed them both and then packed them in my hospital bag.
  6. My going-home outfit included a nursing tank top and a warm + super comfy matching set zip-up sweater with sweatpants. I absolutely love this matching set so much that I have it in three different colors!
  7. Pack a comfy outfit for your hospital stay. Since I knew I wanted to breastfeed, I packed two nursing-friendly comfortable outfits: one button-up top with shorts (it’s on the expensive side but I swear the quality is great!) and an easy robe to get in and get out of.
  8. Toiletries?! Yes, you need them! Some hospitals give you the basics, but being prepared with your essentials is always great. I picked a clear bag specifically so I can easily see each item. In the bag, I packed a travel foldable toothbrush (it’s great that it came in a pack of two so I could give the other one to my husband), travel toothpaste, body wash, makeup wipes, moisturizer, dry shampoo, and makeup bag essentials (travel concealer, foundation, duo blush/bronzer, travel mascara, lip liner, and lipstick). I knew I wouldn’t need more than that because, let’s be honest, not everyone will want to glam up during labor or right after giving birth, haha.
  9. If you’re like me and love your water kept cold, then bring your own water bottle. I was thankful to have brought mine because it saved me time and kept my water cold.
  10. Hair ties are essential to ensure your hair is tied away during labor, delivery, and when you hold your baby.
  11. Blankets!!! I was so happy that I brought a blanket for myself and my husband. The blankets they provide at the hospital are thin and only sometimes keep you warm. So, I got one for myself and packed a second one for my husband. 
  12. I brought only one pair of slippers and whatever I was wearing. So I knew to wear my comfy shoes to the hospital and only had the slippers to pack. I packed the slippers in case I wanted to use the shower or put something on to go to the bathroom.
  13. Baby clothes are a must! The hospital doesn’t provide you with any clothes. They only offer blankets for babies. I’d recommend packing 2-3 short sleeve cotton body suits. The short sleeve body suits are much easier to wear on a newborn than the long sleeves! Plus, you can always put them in a zip romper.
  14. This brings me to the next item! I love 2-way zip rompers to keep the baby comfy and warm. You can purchase the zip rompers that have both hands and feet covered, which is always a plus! Just remember to make sure it has a 2-way zipper, you don’t want to wake up in the middle of nights having to take the baby completely out of their romper to change a diaper! And don’t forget the baby’s coming home outfit. It can be as simple as a cute zip romper with a matching beanie. 
  15. We brought a baby book because I had one on my first baby, and it was so easy to get her footprints on the page when the nurse did it. All the birth info is also fresh in your mind so you can fill out the first few pages of their book. 
  16. Baby hand mittens are a must! Typically baby nails are long and sharp, so they quickly get scratch marks on their face. To avoid this, pack hand mittens and put them on your baby’s little hands as soon as possible. And a side note, remember to keep them on their hands during diaper changes as well.
  17. Baby swaddles are something you’ll be using for multiple reasons. I brought two muslin swaddles with us this time and would use them to swaddle her if she had more than a body suit because it’s a lighter swaddle blanket. I would also use them over my shoulder or my husband’s shoulder during burps to ensure her head rested on a soft material and in case she has any spit-ups. 
  18. I did not have a portable sound machine on my first birth, so I knew to bring one this time. It works wonders once your baby is born, it puts them to sleep because the sounds are similar to what they hear in the womb, which helps them sleep better and faster. It’s also a big help once you’re ready to leave the hospital because you can attach it to the car seat and leave it on so it can help them go to sleep faster. 
  19. You’ll also need a warm blanket for your baby because just in case it is cold outside when you leave the hospital, you can fold it and lay it on their lower body on the car seat. 
  20. Car seat! It doesn’t go in the hospital bag but is essential when leaving the hospital. You need to ensure your car seat is installed in the car at least a month before your due date. This way, you won’t have to worry about it before going into labor and delivery. You should also learn how to properly and safely put the baby inside the car seat because the nurse will check if you can do that before you’re allowed to leave the hospital. 

As we come to the end of the list, I did want to mention that a lot of new moms like to pack postpartum bathroom essentials, but I already knew what the hospital was going to provide me and was completely fine with the basic things they provided like; pads, disposable underwear, ice pads, peri bottle, etc.
The hospital also provides basic diapering essentials for the baby, such as diapers, water wipes, and vaseline, so I did not need to bring any of those items as well.

Last but not least, I packed our camera in the “dad bag” and a pair of comfy outfit for him. You can click on the links below to see the ones I packed. Nowadays, the camera in our phone shoots perfectly fine. But if you prefer extra high-quality photography, then remember to pack your camera with a SIM card, lens, and backup charger.

Some final thoughts on packing my hospital bag this time; I’m glad I started early because I barely had the energy to do anything by the last few weeks before my due date. If you start packing your hospital bag early, you will be much more prepared and less stressed. With a well-packed hospital bag, you’ll be ready to welcome your new baby with confidence and joy!

I wish you a healthy pregnancy and easy labor and delivery! 🙂