Postpartum Recovery Essentials

The essentials that every new mom needs during her postpartum recovery.

Here are some of the essential products that helped me best during postpartum recovery.

  1. The Frida Mom peri bottle is super handy and helps you easily clean yourself during postpartum recovery. Yes, the hospital does give you one and it isn’t too bad but this specific one is angled and that is what makes it a game changer!
  2. Love tucks! It helps not only cool things down there lol but it also helps relieve any itchiness.
  3. AND
  4. Go hand in hand. I bought these two products together for Sitz Bath. This helped me recover down there a lot sooner than I expected. The days I’d do this, I noticed instant relief. Definitely a must have!
  5. I loved not having to do so many steps and instead of a pad I got to wear these! It was easy and comfortable, perfect for postpartum.
  6. As I’ve said it before, I absolutely love the mother love nipple cream. It is currently my favorite for pregnancy and postpartum.
  7. During postpartum it is super important to wear a belly wrap so you can shrink your belly